Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever your race, gender, whomever you love, and wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here!

~Rev. Jacqueline Brett


Worship is the aspect of ministry I most cherish because it is the gathering of Beloved Community, whether in person or virtually. People show up with intention, in sacred time, to connect with the More that is the heart’s desire. To hear a good word and be among other people of shared values and common purpose. By the very nature of our being present together we collaborate during worship – in our breathing, in our singing, in our contemplations and in our movement together, apart yet as one.

I experience worship services as a co-creative process, an invitation to collaborate in the creation of a sacred container within which All might enter, bringing and holding whatever we must, together. I find that when I preach, fully attuned to all that is present, there gradually forms amongst us all a subliminal awareness that we are co-creating the More, together. For many this is what it means to attend to the inner life or engage in spiritual practice.

In addition to the spoken word, I seek out ways to engage the arts as an offering in worship, as they move us beyond “head space” to “heart space” connecting with that which has No Name, but we immediately sense it as it stirs within.

Recipient of the Charles Billings Prize in Preaching
Meadville Lombard Theological School, May 2017


Lifting As We Climb: Holistic Resilience and the Black Women’s Suffrage Movement

by Rev. Jacqueline Brett

Jazz Vespers

[Rev. Brett] consistently excels at envisioning and integrating all the elements of worship into a coherent whole. We feel inspired and called to action by her messages…. Her services include music and readings from diverse cultures, and her sermons are broadly appealing…. Rev. Brett consistently involves lay worship associates in planning worship, encouraging them to contribute their ideas. Drawing upon her broad knowledge, she offers practical tips and helps them find appropriate readings. Being included has inspired their teamwork.

Committee on Ministry Evaluation
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

I have worked in partnership with Rev. Brett for about three years, and it has been very rewarding and uplifting. Aside from being an inspiring speaker graced with a warm and lovely personality, Rev. Brett is an adventurous thinker who has afforded my students and I the opportunity to present the Jazz art in a manner conducive to contemplation and worship. I have never had a more thoughtful and thorough collaborator. It is a pleasure to work with her every time I have the opportunity. I could go on, but I’ll stop here!

Robert Trowers
Lecturer, Jazz Studies
North Carolina Central University

Jacqueline prepares and delivers sermons that speak the truth directly, powerfully, and with love. She supports this with meaningful worship elements (words, images, music) that bring people along with and that serve to open people’s hearts and minds along the way. She is strong both when working on her own, and when working collaboratively on services with groups (justice, programs, etc.).

Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship