…I sat on my bed box in the dark and massaged my hands. One hand tended the other, and then in turn was tended for…. Thank you, hands, for being here to help me embrace someone, to write words of trust and empathy, to lift a pot of rice, to make a gesture.
~ Sister Dang Nghiem

Pastoral Care and Rites of Passage

It is a deep privilege to provide accompaniment during times of illness, loss, or joy, in the marking and meaning making of significant thresholds of hope, celebration, and closure.

The most important assistance I offer those in need of pastoral care is being fully present, and compassionately engaged, with an open, listening, and responsive heart.

Rites of passage open into a sacred time when people’s hearts are especially vulnerable and tender, whether with great joy or profound grief.

Jacqueline has a warm, compassionate approach to patients and families. She is centered and peaceful and creates a wonderful place of hospitality where patients have the confidence to enter in and share their feelings and their concerns….

Rev. Ronald Hindelang, PhD, BCC, ACPE Supervisor
Chaplaincy Services
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Our congregation has a high level of appreciation for pastoral care and our members seek out all the ministers for this. The people who have experienced Rev. Brett’s thoughtful outreach and companionship in times of need have all expressed appreciation and high regard for her ministerial presence.

Rev. Deborah Cayer, Lead Minister
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

My husband died suddenly on Christmas Day in 2017. Jacqueline guided us through planning the memorial service with such compassion and caring that we all (me plus 4 grown children) felt heard and comforted. Her unique gift, in my opinion, is the ability to be fully present.

Sarah Sanchez
Member, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

My daughter died of a brain tumor during Covid. When I asked Jacqueline to officiate my daughter’s memorial service in my backyard…Jacqueline came to my house more than once to preview the material I wanted to include as well as to get a feel for the environment the service would be conducted in…. Jacqueline presented me with some readings that really expressed my thoughts. With my help and my wife’s help, we were able to come up with a very moving and satisfying program…. I was very grateful for the peacefulness of the service we produced. It touched my soul.

Carol-Ann Antunes
Member, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Rev. Brett does not just wait for people with pastoral care needs to reach out to her. Instead, she reaches out to them proactively through handwritten cards, emails and phone calls. Even though Rev. Brett handles a large portfolio of other work, this consistent practice has significantly impacted the lives of those who receive her pastoral care.

Committee on Ministry Evaluation
Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Rev. Jacqueline Brett brings an inclusive eye to everything she does. She leads within CAN with a heart of compassion necessary in leadership. She shows true Pastoral care.

Ketty Thelemaque
Co-Chair Durham CAN

Jacqueline… officiated our wedding, and her words and professionalism made it an extra special day. She was open to and helpful with all our ideas for the service.

Rick Barnhill-Dilling

We asked Reverend Brett to lead our adoption ceremony, or what we like to call, our Forever Family Ceremony. For an event that was so emotionally overwhelming for our family, she brought a compassionate calm, went out of her way to make our children’s birth family, adoptive family, and greater community feel welcome, and guided the ceremony so that it could be the holy event that I desired. More so than a legal document from the court, I felt that this moment she helped create with us is when we became a forever family with the love, intention, and even loss that is all part of forming a family from adoption. I will be forever grateful for the guidance she provided during this time in our lives.

Ms. Jessica M Benton Lobdell

Reverend Brett officiated my wedding to my husband John Grimes-Medlin 3 years ago. She’s always been a great resource for us to talk to about our spiritual journey, as well as our new journey of being married. She’s been there for us through our ups and downs together as a couple and our individual needs.

Dominique Grimes-Medlin
Member, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Reverend Brett performed a beautiful, meaningful service for our wedding. We were so grateful for her presence and leadership as we began our life together.

Katrina Gersie-Spronk
Member, Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

In 2019, Pastor Brett officiated a beautiful baby blessing ceremony for our youngest child at the time of the child’s first birthday. Pastor Brett’s thoughtful approach to getting to know our family, and particularly, learning about each of our children (and not simply the child being blessed), was heartwarming and very much appreciated. Pastor Brett possesses a genuinely kind, warm, welcoming, down-to-earth, and calming spirit, and the ceremony she presided over was perfect for what we were looking for, particularly with regards to our family of five being a part of a multi-faith extended family (ranging across of a spectrum that includes atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious, Rastafarian, lapsed-Baptist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian family members). Moreover, Pastor Brett’s presence and welcoming spirit at ERUUF has played a large role to our family feeling comfortable attending services.

Mrs. J. Hanson

Reverend Jacqueline Brett truly helped us prepare for our marriage through careful and thorough prenuptial counseling. It is an experience that we often still reference to strengthen our relationship and commitment to one another. She also went above and beyond in assisting us in preparing for our ceremony in all aspects and at every step of the way. We had a beautiful and memorable ceremony perfectly officiated by Reverend Brett that aligned with our needs and beliefs. It was a special opportunity to share the moment with our community and friends. She has an extraordinary gift for ministry and with grace, love, and kindness she touches the souls of everyone she meets and serves as an inspiration to all.

David and Miguel

Pastoral Care Experience

Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, September 2015 – present

  • Individual and family pastoral care
  • Develop and lead classes in spiritual practice / self-care
  • Memorial services
  • Transformed Blue Christmas service into an annual Jazz for the Holidays vespers for people experiencing grief over the winter holidays.
  • Co-created vespers services during times of local or national grief and mourning.

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism, October 2019

  • Chaplain, BLUU Symposium

    Clinical Pastoral Education, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, June – August 2015

    • Assignments: Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NIC-U), Women’s Oncology, Cardiology Stepdown.
    • On-call rotations throughout the hospital.
    • Spiritual Care consultant to medical teams during bioethics meetings.
    • Pastoral care for nursing staff as needed.
    • Liturgist and leader of multi-faith chapel worship services.

    Selected Training and Continuing Education

    • Healthy Boundaries 101, Faith Trust Institute
    • Congregation-Based Spiritual Direction, Center for Congregational Spirituality
    • Prepare / Enrich Facilitators Training (couples counseling)
    • Post Traumatic Ministry, MLTS
    • Spiritual Practice in the Life of the Minister and Congregation, MLTS