The craft of questions, the craft of stories, the craft of the hands–all these are the making of something, and that something is soul. Anytime we feed soul, it guarantees increase.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Lifespan Faith Formation

The great religious educator Sophia Lyons Fahs once said, “The function of the church is…to teach us how to put religious and ethical qualities into all kinds of experience.” Implicit in Fah’s statement is that learners share in responsibility for their faith formation. The church might “teach us how,” but it’s on each of us to actually put what we learn “into all kinds of experience.”

We commit to the search for truth and meaning through embodied practice. I believe it is the role of a UU faith community to provide rich and diverse resources to support the search and practice among people of all ages so they might develop their sense of what constitutes meaning, and to demonstrate how that meaning might be made manifest in our lives and in community.

This necessarily takes place over our lifespan, because our goal isn’t to “arrive” anywhere. We’re on a journey of a lifetime or, quite possibly, lifetimes.

Teaching Experience

Youth and Young Adults

  • Spiritual Practice, Eno River UU Fellowship
  • Grow Racial Justice, UU College of Social Justice
  • Be the Change, Eno River UU Fellowship
  • Coming of Age Mentor, Community Church of Chapel Hill


Selected Classes & Workshops Developed and Led

  • Sustaining Ourselves: Spiritual Practices for Justice, Healing and Compassion
  • Spiritual Practice for Justice Makers
  • Liberation Theology
  • Spiritual Type
  • Contemplation, Prayer, and Meditation

    Selected Workshops Co-Created and Facilitated

    • Gathering Ourselves: The Well, A Family-Friendly Retreat Tending the Wounds of Racism, – with Dr. Mark A. Hicks, Ferry Beach, 2019
    • Gathering Our Selves: Resources for the Melanin Majority – with Dr. Mark A. Hicks, UU General Assembly, 2018
    • Stewardship, Justice, and White Supremacy – with Mark Ewert, UU General Assembly, 2018
    • Sacred Visioning Spiritual Practice Retreats and Workshops, 2009-2017